Koh Svay (‘Mango Island’) doesn’t have a beach, but there is a hill by the mango orchard that offers good views. Kep’s former heyday was in the first half of the 1900s, as a favourite holiday spot for French colonialists, and later, wealthy Cambodians, who made it the most prestigious beach town in Cambodia. It’s had a recent resurgence in popularity among those looking for a beach-side experience that’s slightly off the main backpacker trails. With a smattering of islands off the coastline too, Kep is a place to blend water-side adventures with laidback Cambodian life. A smart contract is often handling money and, most likely, not only your money.

Except …I am blessed with food, delivered to my porch regularly. The house next door might be empty, but for the occasional light, the delusion of laughing people scurrying past my garden hedge. METAPRIDE LAND will host a twin Pride festival during New York City Pride as well as in Decentraland. Jake Resnicow and Matt Stevenson have partnered to bring the festival to a global audience and to ensure LGBTQIA+ people all over the world are able to celebrate Pride from the safety of their homes. Performances by Galantis, Above & Beyond, Aquaria, Gottmik, Violet Chachki, SG Lewis, Spencer Brown, LP Giobbi, Ty Sunderland, and 20+ artists and performers will be livestreamed into Decentraland.


Since Kep is a Khmer holiday resort too, most restaurants have a range of Khmer dishes on the menu too. The other reason people come to Kep is for the crab, and the Crab Market is the place to go to try it. The fish market is next door to a row of restaurants serving up fresh crab seasoned with Kampot pepper. Locals and visitors alike flock here as it’s like nowhere else in Cambodia. PancakeSwap has been audited by cybersecurity firm CertiK, so users can be assured that it is a relatively safe and reliable exchange to trade on.

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The live event will take place at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, NY on June 25th. PancakeSwap is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange with a large number of supported cryptos and additional services. BitMEX – BitMEX offer the largest market liquidity of any cryptocurrency exchange. The platform also offers low trading costs and minimum deposit requirements. Slippage is the difference in price between when a trade is ordered and when it goes through. This happens because trading is not instantaneous and the price of an asset can change in the time taken for the transaction to be processed.


One of the most visible pieces of art in Kep is the Sela Cham P’dey Statue, on a piece of land jutting out into the sea. This is a statue of a https://cryptolisting.org/ nude fisherman’s wife looking out to sea, waiting for her husband to return. It pays tribute to the strong fishing traditions of the locality.


It is important to note that there is always the risk of a hack occurring, such as when PancakeSwap was down after experiencing a DNS hijack that occurred in March 2021. This risk is quite high as, according to the blockchain data company Chainalysis, half of all the cryptocurrency-related hacks in 2020 targeted DeFi. To trade on PancakeSwap, you will need to connect your digital wallet, which is a simple process (scan a QR code or add PanckeSwap’s network). There are a series of guides for PC, iPhone and Android on the PancakeSwap website that help you to connect wallets like MetaMask to the exchange or to create a new one. He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years. Steve has worked as a crypto trader, he loves learning about decentralisation, understanding the true potential of the blockchain.


Through the decentralized autonomous organization users can submit proposals and even apply for grants for the community to vote on. Metaverse Pride is a testament to Decentraland’s commitment to creating an inclusive and open metaverse. As our world reopens and welcomes the opportunity to reconnect with one another at in-person events, Metaverse Pride will be a welcoming space for those in places where pride celebrations are not accessible. Pride is a global celebration, yet 69 countries currently criminalize gender and sexual minorities. Decentraland is proud to be a safe, welcoming, and accessible space for members and supporters of the global LGTBQIA+ community to connect, celebrate, and build the future of the metaverse. Metaverse Pride comes at a time when, once again, LGBTQIA+ people are under heightened threat, and it’s more important than ever to support and empower this community.

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The series of extended poems, which Gini produced as scrolls, give a creative insight into peoples’ reactions to work exhibited and … I listened in the silence of high white cloud lazing over turquoise gleam; the firmament listened as tree-breath settled awesome round my warm and languid body. I listened to the tree drinking, drawing the fallen sky into its gnarled limbs as my own knotted and twisted with time.

This region of Cambodia is world famous for a variety of black pepper known as Kampot pepper, and it’s possible to visit local pepper farms in Kep and neighbouring Kampot Province to find out more. One of the pepper farms in Kep is Sothy’s Pepper Farm, where you can take a look at the farm, learn more about Kampot pepper and buy some to take home from the on-site shop. The Sea Festival takes place in a different location along Cambodia’s coastline each year, and Kep is sometimes the location for this. The event includes sporting activities, music and a range of festivities along the coastline. Many people visit Phnom Sar Sear from Kep – a series of three mountains with numerous fascinating caves.

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The main event is Khmer New Year, which usually falls in April each year. In Kep, people descend on the beach and the Crab Market to enjoy being outdoors and to indulge in delicious food. Unlike in cities and towns across Cambodia, most restaurants and bars are open in Kep during Khmer New Year because it’s such a popular spot to visit. Launched in 2020, Decentraland is a virtual social world powered by the Ethereum blockchain and the first decentralized metaverse. Within the Decentraland platform, users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications as well as socialize and attend a wide range of daily community-driven events. Decentraland is unique in that it is owned, created, and governed by the people who use it every day.

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Starlink (STARL) is a blockchain-based interactive metaverse space for games, socializing, and exchange. Starlink aims to operate as a space in the virtual world where users can explore opportunities based on their interests.

As well as the main circuit there are multiple trails that lead to the interior too. The Zeppelin-inspired ‘Stairway to Heaven’ trail is a particular favourite among visitors, as it leads to the Wat Samanthi pagoda and the Sunset Rock viewpoint. Throughout the trails there are stunning views over the coastline, islands and surrounding mountain ranges. PancakeSwap allows users to launch their own tokens to be distributed to yield farmers via an initial farm offering . An IFO is an opportunity for these projects to generate some funds whereby participants can stake tokens into new listings.

Visitors will enjoy exploring the many micro-cultures across the region, including the remains of the 1960 hippy movement on Haight-Ashbury, the historic Chinatown and plenty more. The gamification of PancakeSwap’s ecosystem has provided more methods for users to earn rewards. One of these is in the form of special non-fungible tokens that can be either traded for their value in CAKE or kept in a digital wallet. NFTs can be won through team trading games whereby users will join one of three teams that all compete to see who has the greatest trading volume in a period of time. NFTs can also be won via PancakeSwap airdrop events, such as the “Bullish” Lunar New Year NFT distributed to the first 8,888 users who made profiles.

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Most experts agree that the universe started as an infinitely hot and dense point called a singularity. Wait a minute. Isn't that what people call black holes? It is, in fact, and some physicists say they could be one and the same: The singularity in every black hole might give birth to a baby universe.

For handicraft shopping, take a stroll around town and stop off at some of the shops which sell a range of goods, including local hand-made crafts. The Signature Designer Shop and Kep Souvenir are two shops that tend to sell some local crafts. Architecture fans should go on a stroll or take a tuk tuk ride around the town at Kep, as there are still some magnificent French colonial mansions and villas standing. Some are abandoned, but they give a feeling of the town in a former era. Pay a visit to the Don Bosco Birth House Monument too, which is a reproduction house of the location where the 19th century priest, educator and writer was born.

Their most popular implementation is the one available on Ethereum blockchain. There are stages in my practice where the artwork production can get a little, dare I say it, tedious? If I were an old master, I would have apprentices, or Damien Hurst and I would have minions – to make dots on the canvas or to take care of the repetitious.

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Fisherman’s Wharf – A tourist favourite in the city by the bay. Head on over to Pier 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf for some fun activities, restaurants and shops. When the sun’s out you can view the bay and find a friendly sea lion or two sunbathing on the decks. From Fisherman’s Wharf you can hop on the Alcatraz tour boat which takes you to straight to the infamous prison. Sightseeing – San Francisco is the ultimate tourist destination, thanks to its world-famous landmarks. The Golden Gate Bridge stands at a staggering 227m tall and stretches out for 1.7miles.

  • The price sustains over the 20,50 days EMA, signaling the bulls are now in momentum.
  • He is a specialist in management and trading for over 5 years.
  • The older version, PancakeSwap V1, is more prone to slippage, which can result in lost capital.
  • The coin is now trading at $82.35 with a gain of 3.51%, showing bullish on the chart.
  • PancakeSwap has been audited by CertiK, showing that it is a reliable exchange.

Additionally, it was also noted that voting would be taking place further for GHO genesis parameters. The tweet also mentioned looking for a governance forum regarding the stablecoin scheduled for next week. The proposal of GHO Stablecoin was approved in the second quarter of 2022. Available on Binance Smart Chain, Zeppelin.dao claims to be the “next generation of auto-yield token”, enabling investors to earn income simply by holding it. Auto-yield DeFi coin Zeppelin.dao has attracted 100,000 investors since its launch in April.